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Case para Câmera Sony LCJ-HL

Protect your HX Series Camera

Guard from dust and scratches on the go with the protective carrying case. Easy access to your HX Series camera lets you capture the shot when you see it.

Complete protection

Protects from dust, drips, and scratches on the go.

Classic design

Matches your camera with an understated, stylish finish.

Shooting support

Includes a hand strap for easy shooting support.

Keep your camera ready when you are

When you see the shot, make sure you capture it with the easy access case. Molded to the shape of your camera, the case can be quickly removed for spontaneous shots.


- Protects your camera from dust, scratches and bumps

- Use hand strap, tripod or shoulder strap simultaneously

- The cover is designed to be removed in a hurry

- Supplied hand strap for extra grip and control on the go

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Case para Câmera Sony LCJ-HL

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